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Sekura, women's safety app, is a result of our personal experience as well as of millions of others. Street harassment and the feeling of being unsafe in the streets limits women’s mobility and access to public spaces. Globally, at least 75 percent of women 18 years and older have experienced some form of sexual harassment; that’s at least 2 billion women of the 2.7 billion women who inhabit the earth.

Sekura provides tools to better react in real-time when feeling insecure. You can mark dark streets, places to be avoided and help us create safer public sphere for women and for all.

Sekura is free and simple to use. Just download, start using, and if you like it - spread the word, so that girls and women worldwide can feel safer and empowered walking alone. 

How does Sekura work? 

Ringtone button

Fake an incoming call

Message button
Sekura buttons
Siren button

Make a loud siren sound

Emergency button

Call an emergency number

Send a pre-set message with your location to up to 3 contacts. 

Mark when it's dark

Walking in a dark street? press the button and help us create safe public space.

Skater Girl

"This is honestly just the app I wanted, I have to walk to school everyday when it’s really dark outside and I just needed something to be able to feel safer.

Thank you so much, Sekura!"

Fashionable Girls

"This app offers a solution to a real problem. Really simple to use, love it!
Thank you for creating it."

Fashionable Girl

"Wishing for a day when girls and women will walk in the streets with a sense of security."
Until then use Sekura.


The Team


Rotem Shochat

Co - Founder & CEO

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Nadav Lachish

Co - Founder & CTO

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