Privacy Policy


The following privacy policy is applicable to any use made in the Sekura application ("the application", "the app"). The app is operated by the owners of the app, Mr. Nadav Lachish and Ms. Rotem Shochat ("the owners", "the operators"), and their contact details are listed here below. By using this application, including downloading it to a cellular phone, smartphone, tablet, or any other compatible device, the user agrees to the app's terms of use and the privacy policy listed below. Let it be clear that no use shall be made in this app as long as the user does not agree with the terms of use, and/or the privacy policy.



This application is a product of an open social enterprise, whose goal is to increase the sense of personal confidence and security for men and women, in different situations in which they are not feeling safe. The app can be used on a cellular device, a smartphone, a tablet, or any other compatible device ("the device"), and is designated for personal usage. The app allows, amongst other uses, sending messages and GPS location to pre-defined contacts.



Since the owners of this app respects the privacy of the users who use the app, the company has decided to publish its policy regarding the protection of privacy in the application, and the company is committed to keep this policy.

The purpose of this policy is to explain the app's different customs and practices regarding users' privacy in the app, and in what manners the owners use the information that was provided to the app by the users, or that was collected by the app during the use.



As part of the usage of the app, information about you as a user is being collected. Part of this information recognizes you personally, such as your contacts' information – this is the information the users provide knowingly. Other parts of information being collected does not recognize you personally, and are not linked to your personal information – this is cumulative and statistical information. For example, the location from which you have downloaded the app, your I.P address and such.

The following are the types of information being collected:

  1. Personal information that the user is knowingly delivers to the app, as part of regular usage. For example, through the app's settings menu the user can feed in personal contacts detail (such as: a friend, spouse, parent, brother or sister, or any person the user wishes to use as an emergency to contact when feeling unsafe).

  2. Additional information about the user, which is not defined as personal information, but is linked to the user's account and is being saved – this is the details of emergency authorities (police, fire department, city hall call-center). Also, as part of the use of the app, the user can send his GPS location (the location he was in while choosing to send his location information).

  3. Non-personal information which is being kept while downloading the application – data regarding the location of the user that downloaded the app.

("the information")



For the purpose of using certain functions of the app, information that is required directly for those functions is being inputted. For instance, the details of the contacts that was inputted (whether it is personal contacts or the emergency authorities) is necessary in order to send a message to them, alongside the user's location.



The data being collected is stored in the application's database, and is in the responsibility of the operators. The user approves that the operators would be allowed to access all the information that will be collected from downloading the app or from using it, and that the owners will be allowed to store the collected information on the app's databases. Let it be clear that the owners of the app treats users' privacy with respect, and are committed to preserve and protect any users' information that was received or was stored by the owners.



Usage of the collected information will be made according to this privacy policy or according to the applicable law. The user hereby approves that the app's owners will keep the information and make any suitable actions in order to:


  • Allow the use and functionality of the different services of the app.

  • Improve and develop the app, using different statistical and analytical tools.

  • Change or cancel any of the app's existing services and functions.

  • Transfer information to third parties as detailed below.

The information that will be used by the owners will be mainly statistical data, which is not identifiable personally.



It is possible that notifications will be sent through the app, regarding new services, version updates and modifications. Such notification will only be sent to those users that explicitly consented to that. Users could opt-out at any time.

The operators will not transfer users' personal information to any advertisers. Yet, the operators are allowed to transfer statistical information about users' activity, information that is not identifiable personally.



The operators will not transfer any personal information or data that was collected, to third parties, unless it is one of the following cases:

  • The data may be transferred to third parties such as contractors and service providers, assisting with the app's development or technical support.

  • The data may be transferred to third parties, following a judicial order, a verdict, a judicial decision, or any demand made by an authorized authority.

  • Legal dispute between the company and a user/s, which requires exposing personal details.

  • Where a user was making illegal uses of the app.

  • Where the operators will sell or transfer in any way the activity of the application to a corporate, and/or transfer or sell the application to the ownership of any legal body or person, and/or merge the application's activity with a third party's activity. In all of the mentioned cases, the third party / corporate / legal body / person shall take upon itself all of the directives in this privacy policy.



This app uses "cookies" for its ongoing operation, including the collection of statistical data about its usage, details verification, data security, or in order to customize the app to the user's personal perforations. Modern web browsers have the ability to avoid using cookies. If you don’t know how to do this, check the support section of your browser.



The operators implement up-to-date data security protocols and work in different ways to reduce the risk of unauthorized breaches, but those actions do not provide full protection. Therefore, the operators do not commit that the app's services will be fully protected from any breach of security.



According to the Privacy Protection Law (1981), any person has the right to review information about him that is being kept in a database. A person that had reviewed his information and found that the information is not true, incorrect, or not updated, can contact the owner of the database and request that the information will be fixed or deleted. Personal information about a user will be delivered, according to the law, by demand.

Such demand should be sent through one of the following: EMAIL; MAIL 16 Khisin st. Tel-Aviv, 6428418, Israel.

In addition, if the information being kept in the database is being used to approach you personally, you have the right to demand in writing that the information regarding you will be deleted.



In any case where essential changes will be made in this policy, regarding the usage being made with personal information, appropriate announcement will be made in the app's website.


This privacy policy is bound to the apps' general terms of use and to the regarding law and authority.