Terms of Use


This terms of use agreement are regarding the "Sekura" application ("the app", "application") operated by the application's owners, Mr. Nadav Lachish and Ms. Rotem Shochat ("the operators", "the owners") which their contact information is listed below. By using this application, including the act of downloading it to a cellular device, a smartphone, a tablet, or any other compatible device, is considered as a declaration of agreement to the application's terms of use and privacy policy listed below. As long as there is no agreement to those terms, you should refrain from using the application.



This application is a product of an open social enterprise, whose goal is to increase the sense of personal confidence and security for men and women, in different situations in which they are not feeling safe. The app can be used on a cellular device, a smartphone, a tablet, or any other compatible device ("the device"), and is designated for personal usage. The app allows, amongst other, sending messages and GPS location to pre-defined contacts.

Contacting the app's owners is possible via email: sekura.tifis@gmail.com , as detailed in the app's privacy policy.



A user which is interested of using the app's services, is obligated to download it to his device. It should be emphasized that the permission of usage of this app is personal and non-exclusive. In addition, the permission of usage is non-negotiable and cannot be passed on to another. The usage of this app is under the terms detailed in this agreement, and in any case all of the rights reserved to the owners of the application. It should be clear that agreeing to the app's terms of use and privacy policy listed below is a fundamental and basic condition, for downloading and using the app.



The application is protected by intellectual property law. The ownership of the app, it's design and its commercial name, logo and trademark belongs to the app's owners. By downloading the app, the user agrees to not copy, sell, license, distribute, pass on, alter, translate, make derivative work, and reverse engineer any part of the app or its content. Included in this forbidden acts are the act of acquiring the app's source code, and/or trying to pass or break the app's security systems in any way, and/or bypassing any rights the owners have in the app, and/or breaking any of the app's terms of use. Also, the app should not be used to any illegal purpose or manner, and/or not should be used in a manner that causes breaking any law or regulation.



The usage of this app is in the sole responsibility of the user alone. The owners of the app should not be liable to any damage caused, directly or adversely, or that could have been caused, from the use of this app. The owners have no responsibility regarding how the app was used, and/or the results of using the app, and/or any information displayed in the app, and/or any information been transferred through the app, including no responsibility for the propriety of the information being displayed, and/or the accuracy of the GPS location information displayed, phone numbers, and/or any other information presented/existing/transmitted through the app.

In addition to the above, the owners lacks and will lack any criminal liability and civil liability, including liability for damages, regarding the usage of this app, or for any damage caused by the user's reliance on the app, including no liability of the owners to any of the following: The information fed by the user, such as emergency contacts details; how the app was used by the user; the case of wrong GPS location details being sent; the case of late message sending; the case where message was not received by the emergency contact; the correctness of information that was sent to the contact or to the enforcement forces; the way the information was received and treated by the emergency contact or the enforcement forces; the quality deterrence sound that was activated through the app; and so forth. The user is the sole and full liable of any use and outcome that occurred from using the app.

In addition to the above, let it be clear that the owners are not liable also in any cases where the app contained any malfunction or "bugs", or that some function was missing. The owners will not be liable to any damage caused and/or could have been caused by any of the situation listed above. As written, the user is the only liable to any damage that will be caused to him, and/or his property, and/or third party's property, by using the app.

Let it be emphasized that the purpose of the app is only to aid in certain situations and is not meant to replace any enforcement authority, and/or taking any reasonable precautions by the user, and/or any other assistant that can be used.

It is hereby that many factors influence the application's availability and functionality, including its content and services, like software, hardware, communication networks, service providers and any third party involved (including cloud storage services and cellular services). The owners will not be liable to any damage caused by a malfunction that is not in their control.

The owners of the app reserve the right to deny the permission of usage of the app from any user, at any time, for any reason whatsoever. That being said, the permission of usage will be denied automatically in a case the user will act not accordance with this agreement, and/or will be using the app illegally, and/or will be using the app in a malicious way.

in the case where commercial ads will be displayed in the app, the liability regarding the ad's contents should apply only on the advertiser, and the app's owners will not be liable to any damage caused by the contents of the advertisements.



In any case where the operates will be bound to bear any expenses, and/or any lawyer's fees or other experts, within any legal claim and/or complaint, and/or by virtue of any law, for which they will be charged of payment to any user, third party, or anyone on their behalf – the user will indemnify the owners accordingly.


The laws, rules, and regulations that apply to any matter related to the application and/or a dispute and/or a controversy and/or conflict rising from any usage made of the app, and/or the act of downloading the app, and/or any issue relating to its very existence, creating it, owning it, and/or any matter related to the application, will be discussed in the certified courts in the Tel Aviv-Yafo county, state of Israel, only.